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Procne, daughter of King Pandione I of Athens and sister of Philomela, was married to Tereus of Thrace. Tereus fell in love with his sister-in-law Philomela, raped her, hid her in the country and cut her tongue so that she could not tell her sister Procne what had happened. Not being able to communicate orally, Philomela embroidered her story on a peplum and let her sister Procne have it; so the two sisters could organize their vengeance against Tereus. (Apollodoro, Bibl., III 14,8).

At the Archeological Museum contemporary artists draw, weave, embroider their tales pursuing the thread of hope wishing someone can see, watch, analyze, elaborate and -most of all- share it in order to find a common solution as Philomela and Procne did.

Margherita Gilda Scarpellini, Direttore Museo Civico Archeologico

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