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cortecceANGHIARI XXXIX Craftmanship Exhibition of Valtiberina Tuscany 19 April – 4 May 2014

CORTECCE Embrodery Exhibition

The collection of CORTECCE embroideries is inspired from the sinous structures of plants ; the creation of various epidermic layers, one upon another, more or less fragile which protect the organism and its vitality; to the intertwines which evidence holes and thickenings created by the passing of time and which we try to reproduce with needle and thread.

Full and empty parts are evidenced with filling- in techniques and cutwork using the well known punto inglese, punto pisano and drawn threads.

The materials used are all natural fibres, linen and hemp for the cloth while the naturally dyed threads are cotton and silk.


I would like to dedicate the exhibition to my mother, a great support, continous and silent…

I also thank Tessitura Busatti for their valuable support in setting and Giuliano Falcinelli for the beautiful pictures of this report


Rosalba Pepi


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