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Alice is attracted by threads, she tries new way to use weft and warp, she recovers manners and gestures that generations of women have passed down to her
To who wishes to follow her, Alice offers roads which pass through the lands of embroidery and lace, History and nature.
Nature is the Tuscan and Umbrian country-side, which i san infinite source for colours, lines and rhythms.
History is present in every stone, houses moulded by the weather and the work of men and women that have lived in them. Clothes with simple embroidery prepared for trousseaus that were to last a life time.

Alice curiously enters this world, discovers how enjoyable it is using bobbins to make lace and how the laces are not only beautiful but also socially important as a source of earnings and an occasion to gain independence for many women. And Alice goes further, she rummages in trunks and finds laces of folk origin made on cloth woven by the women who would later embroider the same cloth with simple but non the less beautiful, secure, elegant and extremely up to date patterns.
A natural consequence of this is the birth of the Textile Workshop which is dedicated to all those who wish to follow Alice in re-discovering and keeping alive this art with the elaboration of new designs.

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