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International Forum of Textile Creativity, Fiere di Parma May 13th – 15th 2011


Laboratorio Tessile Alice presented an interpretation of the TRAPUNTO FIORENTINO (embroidering) technique following precise lines of work:

  • the idea of enhancing the contrast that the stuffed part obtains if put in transparency, with the double-right technique.
  • the use of raw materials - results of recognizable production process from the dyeing with natural materials for the linen bisso fabric, to the threads of the natural silk embroideries made by La Piaggia - a cooperative in Umbria -, to the wool used for the stuffing, coming from farms in Garfagnana, processed in the place of origin, according to a project of the Garfagnanan Comunità Montana.
  • the re-use of a handmade fabrics, hemp and linen weaved in the first half of last century's Tuscan country houses and used as support to colored bisso's tile.
  • lines of contemporary graphic art drawn by Simonetta Fratini and Manuela Mancioppi, two artists who designed for Laboratorio Tessile di Alice respectively: TREES and LEAVES

Those items can be ordered to Laboratorio Tessile di Alice for custom-made realizations.

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